Top 10 Takeaways from Social Media Week Miami

Top 10 Takeaways from Social Media Week Miami

Social Media Week Miami came quickly and left an abundance of knowledge and experience with us upon its departure.

Relationships built at the conference are priceless, but so is the information that was given.

Below are ten specific ideas that seemed most important and relevant for all industries.



  1. Twitter is the new telephone. – James Brown, PEI
  2. Social media is only a facilitator of the relationships, it is not what defines them. – Ted Rubin
  3. If you leave the marketing to the attorneys, there will be no marketing. –Glen Gilmore
  4. Sports teams should be encouraging its athletes to engage in social media in the appropriate ways in order to grow their audience. – Lauren Cochran
  5. Successful marketers are excellent storytellers that are believable, original and sincere. – Kim Garst
  6. Listen to the conversations happening about both your industry and your brand to better learn what content your audience needs and wants. – Jomary Jimenez
  7. Use the “One in Five Rule” which states: In the average Hispanic family of five persons, one will speak only English, one will speak only Spanish, and three will be bilingual. Therefore, one in every five messages your brand sends should be in Spanish – or at least another language that speaks best to your audience. – Kevin Corke
  8. Watch what your competition is doing and learn how you can do it better, faster and more productive. – Heidi Bohlmann
  9. Take the time to care for your customers more than your competitors. – Ramon de Leon
  10. It is necessary for employers make the application process available via mobile for better reach to potential recruits. – Perry Monaco


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Thanks to everyone that made the week so great. The speakers and panelists were top notch and the attendees were just as great!

Special to thanks to our Digital Media Manager at County Line Chiropractic – Maximus Prime aka @aGiantGiner did an amazing job getting our company ready for this event. It would never have been possible without his amazing efforts… and ginger smile! 🙂


If you missed this year’s event, don’t worry – it will be back and better than ever!

Til the next time, friends….




TifDip is a digital marketing consultant with a unique perspective on social media. Follow her on Twitter as she continues to bring a new twist to her coverage of the health industry, sports and other eclectic passions.

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