Social Media Week So Far

Social Media Week So Far

For months I’ve been looking forward to this week:

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A gathering of some of the most influential social leaders in various industries to share ideas, thoughts and experiences has hit downtown Miami on the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College.

The information I have taken from the keynote speakers and panel discussions in just two days has been incredible. Here’s just a few thoughts to share from my experience so far:

Health 2.0 – How Social Media is Transforming Patient Communications

I had the privilege to sit on this panel with three other fabulous women in the healthcare and technology field. Here are a few tips from myself and the others:

  • Use the available data or do your own research to find out what your patients/consumers are truly interested in – it may not be just medically related to your field
  • Social media allows for a personal connection between patient and provider
  • Consumers must be cautious as to the source of the information they receive regarding their health – too many unreliable sources out there with misleading/inaccurate information
Health 2.0 panel at #SMWMiami

Return on Relationships

Ted Rubin took the stage on Tuesday and captivated the audience with his twist on ROI to RonR – Return on Relationships.

  • Social media is only a facilitator of the relationships, it is not what defines them.
  • We are living in the “Age of Influence” where any person, company, brand can have a voice, make an impact and build an audience
  • Best suggested read for all people in all industries is Dale Carnegie’s 60+ year old book – “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

How to Use Social Media for Business Without Stepping on Legal Landmines

Attorney and marketer, Glen Gilmore, led an interesting discussion on the legal ramifications of social media. All industries have to be aware of what legalities play into their social media strategies and how to avoid them.

  • Use disclaimers whenever possible
  • If you put your marketing strategies in the hands of attorneys, there will be no marketing.
  • Follow the rules of your profession and stay involved with the legal and compliance changes that may happen. Suggested associations to follow include FTC, ASA, and NLRB.


Journalism 2.0 – News Coverage with the Rise of Social Media

A panel of four experienced professionals in the journalism and media world discussed the rise of social media in their industry, as well as the effects, opportunities and conflicts it may present.

  • Distribution of information has changed through social media
  • Information is available at a much faster rate with easier accessibility
  • Social media allows for media outlets to research what stories to pursue, what is trending that day, and track what’s trending


So join us for Social Media Week Miami – follow us at @SMWMiami and @CountyLineChiro while we share our experience here at #SMWMiami and share your experiences!



TifDip is a digital marketing consultant with a unique perspective on social media. Follow her on Twitter as she continues to bring a new twist to her coverage of the health industry, sports and other eclectic passions.

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