My Journey with Skulpt Aim

My Journey with Skulpt Aim

Have you ever signed up for a gym membership or been to the doctor where they put you through a series of “fitness”tests? You do a few jumping jacks, maybe a few sprints, hold your breath and then squeeze your skin with some clams or make you hold something funny looking? And once it’s all done, you’re given some number that means absolutely nothing to you, but everything in the world to the “fit” people.

Been there. Done that.

Well not anymore! I’ve been recently introduced to a new product that allows me to measure my body fat percentage and muscle quality in the most accurate way! The Skulpt Aim technology is based on the description of your muscles. Aim sends electrical currents through your skin, fat and muscle to measure the rate at which the muscles both resist and capture the energy. It takes approximately five seconds for Aim to send and receive the data – and you don’t feel a thing!

skult tech


The Skulpt app is available for download on the Apple and Google Play Stores and is used to track and monitor your progress. The setup process took about 10 minutes – downloading the app, syncing my Aim device to my phone and conducting the initial muscle tests.



When I was introduced to the Skult Aim, I must admit I was a bit intimidated by the thought of numbers and charts and trying to learn what everything meant. However, after spending 20 minutes on the website, I had a great understanding of what being healthy really means and understood this method of measurement. Also – the app will track your progress and do all the numbers for you!

Being average is no fun!


How many times have we pushed ourselves for days and weeks trying to lose weight only to go to the scale and see no change? Skulpt Aim shows your progress that can’t be measured in pounds on a simple scale. Using the Skulpt Aim I’ve learned that your weight measured in pounds doesn’t accurately measure your fitness or quality of muscle. It’s obvious now that there is a unique combination of MQ and body fat percentage that account for your body’s overall fitness. The developers at SkulptMe have found this formula and are using it with the Aim.

If someone asked me if I thought my body type was overweight, average, fit, or sculpted, I’d probably choose fit. I eat healthy but I enjoy my indulgences; I stay as active as possible including sports and Zumba. Could I use some toning and maybe shed a few pounds? Of course. But I’m happy and healthy – I thought!


Not the most impressive but that will be changing!


My first readings on my Skulpt Aim indicate that I am *gulp* average and on my way to being fit. Over the next few weeks I will keep you posted on my adventures with my new Skulpt Aim and will look forward to seeing the progress I’ve made. And now that I’ve made the commitment to expose my AVERAGE – ness, I’ve got an extra push to really start SKULPTing up!

I’ve been using my Aim device for almost a week now but must admit that I haven’t maximized my exercise (or diet) potential to the best of my ability due to my crazy schedule. But no excuses, DiPanni! Back on track starting tonight at Zumba, and tomorrow morning – right after my bacon, egg and cheese!


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