Social Media Week – Again!

Social Media Week – Again!

Two more days of Social Media Week Miami and if I didn’t feel like a student just by spending the last four days at Miami Dade College, the amount of information I’ve been taking in has definitely brought me back!

The content covered in the last few days has just gotten better as it goes.

Here’s a few more TifDiP take-aways from the last few days:


@UPS kept us warm!


Will the Real You Please Stand Up in Social Media

Kim Garst from Boom! Social spoke about the importance of being real and authentic in social media, which just happens to be exactly what her new book is all about. Kim provided helpful information on how to create your own authenticity, tell your brand’s story and shows exactly why this is so important.

  • Marketers must be story-tellers that are believable, original and sincere.
  • Consumers make purchases more on emotions than facts; stay true to your roots and be consistent.
  • Successful marketing in this era is from a pull standpoint versus pushing the sell on the consumer where the company better understands its customer and seeks out its target market rather than waiting for them to come.



Re-Defining and Servicing the (New) Social Consumer

I had the great privilege to moderate a panel with three of the most experienced talents in the social media customer service industry. The range of expertise across this panel served well for almost all industries and professions on how to truly engage and provide a positive customer service experience in social media.

  • It is extremely important to identify your audience and listen; learn from the conversations that are already taking place socially and build from there when developing your strategy.
  • Companies need to implement specific processes and protocols on how any negative concerns may be addressed, as well as crisis management.
  • “Twitter is the new telephone,” James Brown of Perry Ellis International stated. The social consumer expects immediate gratification from their customer service experience.





Recruiting Trends 2015

Perry Monaco held an interesting keynote on Thursday morning regarding the shift in recruiting trends that will take place in the next decade. Through his experience as LinkedIn’s Global Talent Strategy Consultant, Perry gave a very insightful look into areas such as developing your own talent brand, manageable strategies, and the importance of employers going mobile with their search.

  • Areas to watch for emerging trends include: global connectivity, social media and digital infrastructure, big data, and the roles of women.
  • Employers are missing out on strong candidates by the absence and/or limitations of mobile technology
  • Most opportune time to post content for those in the business world is five minutes before the top of the hour – usually a time prior to a scheduled activity commencing.


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Social Travel: Reinventing the Travel Experience with Social Media

Lynn Ponder led a panel on which I participated that explored how the travel industry is being affected by a rise in social media and what can be done to capitalize on this movement.

  • The travel industry runs 24/7, 365 days a year – therefore, companies need to be available and listening to their audience at all times.
  • Companies are taking advantage of travel bloggers and influencers in order to reach specific markets with real, authentic and trusted opinions from the experiences of those they follow.
  • Suggested travel applications and websites: WhatsApp,, ShareTrips, History Here, Pin Drop



Designing the New Sports Fan Experience with Social Media

ESPN’s Kevin Corke hosted a panel of professionals within the MLB, NBA and BBC sports industries to discuss how social media is changing the game. Both teams and brands are learning how to take advantage of this new age of communication and sharing to their advantage.

  • Professional sports players utilizing social media for their own personal brand has many advantages for the industry by bringing fans closer to the game, and allowing their teams to tap into their fan base.
  • Always use the “One in Five Rule” which states: In the average Hispanic family of fiver persons, one will speak only English, one will speak only Spanish, and three will be bilingual. Therefore, one in every five messages your brand sends should be in Spanish – or at least another language that speaks best to your audience.
  • Most times saying something is better than staying silent; it can help to ease tension and lower anxiety levels that rise with silence.



TifDiP Gets Taped

County Line Chiropractic was taping up attendees at the event today with kinesio tape – one of the many therapies we use on our patients to help with a variety of muscular tensions. It’s ahhhh-may-zing!

You’ve probably seen professional athletes using them – most people just thought if was a fashion statement in the Olympics!

We’ll be there tomorrow with one of our doctors for Fun Friday – our daily prize is still going on and it’s your final chance to enter for our GRAND PRIZE to take you and 20 of your friends to a Florida Panthers games in your own private suite!



Social Media Week wraps up Friday, September 26 so be sure to enjoy a TGIF with us!



TifDip is a digital marketing consultant with a unique perspective on social media. Follow her on Twitter as she continues to bring a new twist to her coverage of the health industry, sports and other eclectic passions.

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