The MAA Process Can Be A Chiropractic Experience



spineSometimes new things can get a bit jumbled and confusing, even a bit overwhelming.  Yet every now and then you may be able to throw a twisted analogy at it, and you just may ‘get it.’

Mine just happens to deal with a twisted thing called your spine.


What Is The MAA Cycle?

Dennis Yu has identified a process that could be a strong tactic to put  a strong choke hold on your competition.

No,  This isn’t fighting or martial arts, but any good sports fan could make that mistake, right? What I am talking about here is a process that Dennis Yu and his team at BlitzMetrics use to amplify and optimize a client’s ad campaign while minimizing time spent and maximizing its value.

The MAA Cycle is a very rapid process that ties the conversion funnel and viral cycle together. You may even consider the MAA Cycle as being the final piece of the puzzle; you truly can’t conduct MAA until you have successfully mastered the other two. It may make sense to explain the viral cycle and conversion funnel first, but that’s kind of expected.

 So let’s start backwards and see where it takes us.

Too much information at once can be a tad bit overwhelming sometimes.


After five full days spent at #BlitzU with some of the best minds in the market, you can only imagine the massive amount of information there was to digest.  An incredible experience, an intense week of number crunching & analyzing, and some of the best information on optimization social engagement and much more. It was fantastic – but info overload just a tad.

Upon dissection of the MAA cycle, I saw a trend in the way data is analyzed and how a visit to the chiropractor is practically the exact same process – and a heck of a lot easier to understand on a 101 level that I may require sometimes! These techniques can apply to almost everyone – including a chiropractor – but the content being produced is always going to be unique.

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Read Dennis Yu's post on the MAA cycle here.

Read Dennis Yu’s post on the MAA cycle, “How I Optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns In 15 Minutes Per Day” here.

The Chiro Comparison

So here’s how it works & how we can compare the two:

Metrics               →               The X-Rays

Every plan, every strategy, and every process starts with a goal.  What are we here for and what pertinent information do we have to collect for this analysis? Personal goals are identified and specific diagnostic testing is performed on your very first appointment with the chiropractor. An x-ray is usually taken to look at the “insides” of the subject matter.

Analysis          →            The    Review of Findings

What are the numbers really saying in relation to the diagnostics? Here is the doctor reviews and explains your x-rays to show you what’s really going on.  You need to be informed as to what your issues are if you are going to attempt to correct them.

Action              →            The Treatment Plan

So now what?

Well, we’ve collected the data, ran diagnostics, identified the problem and now it’s time to put some real action behind all of that.  In this final step, your chiropractor should be making his recommendations for a treatment plan and identifying the exact steps that need to be taken in order to maximize your health – and your ROI.


Tread Carefully

Be careful as to which way your results lead you and your team.

If a patient wants to see results from any treatment plan, he/she needs to be just as much invest as the chiropractor, if not more. Therefore, if you do not invest the proper timing and planning that is required to maximize the results of this process, you will not be successful.

Its imperative to have your goals, audience and content established. Before entering the chiropractic office, a patient should know what type of results they are seeking, whether it be to be pain free, prevent injuries or even treat a specific one. The patient tends to be the targeted audience and, in conjunction with the doctor, can provide the relevant content.

Once these have been successfully managed and aligned, all other pieces will fall into place and the process will flow as easy as a lazy river – just quicker.




 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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