Double Bogey for The Donald

Double Bogey for The Donald

You’ve heard me say how much I’ve been meaning to get back into regular blogging but something always comes up and it’s always a good reason to not go home and blog.

But then I saw Donald Trump’s letter to LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan on Golfweek.


When you’re a part of my life, you eventually learn how protective I am of those I love – and there is no organization I love more than the LPGA.

So does the LPGA and Whan really need defending? Of course not.

It’s only Donald Trump trying (key word) to insult Michael Whan and the LPGA. What’s there to defend? The guy is an absolute moron and it shows through his kindergarten temper tantrum.

But why not take a few minutes to analyze this ridiculous, poorly written, intentionally-insulting jumble of words that came from a guy whose hair looks worse than the fescue at Chambers Bay?

trump letter 1

Let me start by saying at least he addressed him as Michael vs a friendly Mike or Mikey – but maybe that’s only because he hasn’t met Trump yet.

So the opening portion of his letter (which should never be started with a prepositional phrase, Donald.) begins with a defensive response to his support for women’s golf. Why are you already defending yourself against something that was never said?

Sure, we (cuz I speak for women’s golf) appreciate the “support” that has brought billions into your pockets.

Yea, we appreciate you standing up to your members – most of whom are probably not very consistent since they belong to several other non-Trump golf courses and let’s be real – your members love to boast about the Tour players at their course.

So please be sure to post in your next ridiculous rant how the LPGA players respond to your insulting letter towards “their Commissioner.”

trump letter 2

That’s right, Mr. Commish! How dare you make a statement that suggests absolutely no bias about a tournament you only co-sanction.

Oh wait…. that’s right.




Michael Whan couldn’t make the decision to move the RICOH Women’s British Open even if he wanted to! The tournament is administered by the Ladies’ Golf Union of Britain (LGU) and it’s ultimately their decision.

Why are we even continuing to read this nonsense? Return to Sender and let’s move on.

Nahhhh…. it’s too entertaining. Keep going.

Even Homer has a better hair style

And, Donald, take a hint. If Michael Whan hasn’t met you in over 5 1/2 years as the Commissioner of the LPGA – there’s probably a very good reason for it!!!


Oh, I’m sure Univision and NBC are finding out much more than this, sir. It’s something we like to call support!

And who didn’t appreciate the “plus five” humor?

However, it seems to me Michael Whan isn’t so bad at contracts either, considering what Forbes reports:

  • 11 events outside of North America vs 7 in 2010 (Michael Whan took over duties Jan 4, 2010)
  • 33 total Tour events (34 when Solheim Cup comes around) vs 24 in 2010
  • $61 million in prize money for 2015 vs $41.4 million in 2010
  • Golf Channel viewership up 47% since 2010
  • 90% of Tour events to broadcast live in 2015 – doubled since 2010

Tell me, Donald. You seem to be a man that does well with numbers.

Read more about Michael Whan here on

trump letter 4

So you’re going to let the LPGA out of a contract (of which they never made any claim of pursuit to exit) – how thoughtful.

(Wait... is this ‘plus 5″ contract even with the LPGA?)

trump letter 5

Where do you even start to pick apart this last portion of the letter?

Basic grammar errors, childish antics, and a request to contact you – are you kidding me? You can’t even stay between the lines with your signature.

And no one uses P.S. after 6th grade except my Granny.

Aaaaand you failed to mention exactly which polls you were leading which leaves me only to assume – which is never safe!


Is there really anything left to say?


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