Journey On with My Skulpt AIM

Journey On with My Skulpt AIM

My recent journey with my Skulpt AIM was definitely an eye opener and an experience that I have truly enjoyed.

While I wasn’t able to capitalize on a regular diet and exercise schedule as much as I would have liked to, I was able to learn some pretty interesting things about my body that will help me down the road. And honestly, I think that’s just as important than recording a bunch of numbers. If you can’t understand how it applies to you, what’s the point?

Room For Improvement

As much as I’d like to state why I am anything but, my AIM is adamant that I am simply average! I’m not sure about you, but average doesn’t do any good for me. I want to be great, fabulous and fit – but most importantly, healthy!

aim (2)

The Skulpt AIM has proven to me that a scale is not the only way to measure your fitness. We’ve all been there where you bust your butt at the gym and stay clear of carbs and sugars for a couple weeks only for the scale not to move. You fit better into your clothes and your muffin top is starting disappear so that scale must be lying, right?! Wrong!

From now on I’ll be paying more attention to my BMI and muscle quality versus the scale that doesn’t do much except collect dust anyway!

Identify Problem Areas

I had two major surgeries in 2012 that required the surgeons to cut through my abdomen muscles. Unfortunately the first time around I wasn’t conscious enough to beg and plead for some lipo and muscle sculpting while he was in there; and the second time around, the doctor wouldn’t let me travel to Vegas nevermind help me score a solid six-pack!

Since then I’ve been terrified to over-do my ab muscles and chance another tear in the incision. To my surprise, the muscle quality of my abs is pretty impressive, but mostly the upper and lower abs. It also shows that my right abs are a bit weaker than the left – no surprise since majority of the surgery was on the right side.

aim (7)        aim (6)

Things That Make You Go Hmm…

For years I’ve struggled with pain in my shoulders and back – most likely caused from the 50 lb backpacks the nuns made us carry to and from school every day. Then of course, don’t forget the 20+ years of golf which is the most awkward movement your spine can make – and carrying your own bags for junior and collegiate tournaments wasn’t much help either.

While 90% of the time I have pain on my left side, it showed that the left side has a significantly higher muscle quality than the right side. In fact, almost all of my readings showed my right side being weaker than my left. I am baffled by this considering I’m right-handed and both shoulder and sciatica pain is on the left.

aim (5)          aim (1)

So does this mean I’ve overworked my left muscles causing the pain? Does this mean I’m lop-sided? Well, thanks to my AIM I could take all of my readings to my chiropractor and figure it out together. The Doc was even impressed with my AIM that he tried it out a few times too! This proved to me that not only can the average person benefit from the AIM, but medical rehab and physical therapy places can use them to track patient improvement. Brilliant!

The Skinny

Battery Life:  I’ve had my device for over a month and charged it three times after original charge.

Size:  The device is lighter and smaller than my Galaxy Note II (if that helps any, sorry Apple peeps.)

Portable:  It comes with a case to hold both the device and a small water bottle for use with the AIM. Since it takes up such little space, I’ve even traveled cross country with it!

Function:  There are only 3 buttons on the device – one to select and the other two for browsing. The only thing that can be confusing here is if you are mid-test on your muscles and you hit the wrong button, you have to start all over.

Bluetooth:  The only wire you need is the included USB cable for charging. After downloading the free app, it took no time at all to sync my phone with my device and start tracking my measurements.

Consistency:  We all have a bit of doubting Thomas within us (you never step on the scale just once), so I took time after my official measurements to fiddle with the device and see how accurate and consistent the readings would be. Sure enough, no reading was more than 1-3 points off proving to be trust-worthy.


Be sure to check out the Skulpt AIM website for more information and on other social sites below!

I know you will love it as much as I did.

I hope that you will share your journey with me too! Looking forward to hearing from you!


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