TifDiP’s Top 10 from Hispanicize 2015

TifDiP’s Top 10 from Hispanicize 2015


Without a doubt, Hispanicize 2015 proved to be one of South Florida’s most successful events. Over five days, professionals from several industries including journalism, music, film, social media and more came together to share the latest trends, happenings and news. While the event is focused around the Latino community, this gringa felt right at home. The tremendous amount of information and resources at your fingertips, the connections made and the lessons learned are invaluable no matter what ethnicity you are.

I could spend hours going over everything learned at #Hispz15, so here are my Top 10 Takeaways from this past week!

  1.  Don’t assume your followers on one platform are following you on the others. Always remember to cross-promote your other channels. – Alejandra Rodriguez @StyledByAle 
  2. Most people don’t take time to read past the first three sentences, so make your message and content concise – short and to the point. – Jose Sanchez @JsanchezPMPR
  3. The Hispanic mother is predominantly the head of the household and the main audience to focus your attention. Manuel Solis @solismc 
  4. “Stay true to yourself and never forget where you came from.” – Luis Guzman, @IamLuisGuzman
    Luis Guzman #Hispz15 Latinovator Lunch


  5. Having a plan is one of the most important things you can do; Without a set path, you can get caught in operations and try to become an expert in everything. Matt Cherry – @Iblogmag 
  6. “The work you have already done (as a blogger/influencer) speaks volumes as to what you will be doing for future brands.”  – Albert Ruiz @JetBlue
  7.  Share relative content from a page that is higher ranked than yours – stay away from third-party posts and go straight to the source.  Kathy Cano-Murillo @CraftyChica

    crafty chica
    Great to meet @CraftyChica at #Hispz15
  8. Various widgets are available through WordPress.com and WordPress.org at no cost to the user and can help grow your following and increase engagement such as About Me, Photo Galleries, and various templates. – Karen Alma @karenalma
  9. Millennials are attracted to original programs and initiatives of major brands; they are drawn to its authenticity. – Natalie Asorey @natalieasorey
  10. My final and most valuable takeaway from this week for me is for every person in every industry from every ethnicity. Straight from the fabulous LinkedIn Diva whose wisdom is not just portrayed in words but also through her actions.

“Today’s glass ceiling is self-installed.”  – Lori Ruff @loriruff

Wise words from the Diva


HUGE thanks to Manny Ruiz and everyone that helped put #Hispz15 together! Looking forward to another incredible event in 2016!

#Home #DreamworksHome #MiCasaEsTuCasa @aem_la
Great night on #McDVoyage @MeEncanta


#RethinkRelevant had me pay for my treat with a tweet!


Making new connections w/ the Sverve Team @MySverve
#LivingFabulosa with @Orgullosa
Beautiful mornings in Miami #Hispz15
Great night on #McDVoyage @MeEncanta
As a sporty chick, I know the importance of skincare! @Neutrogena
Huge thanks to @InterConMiami for a great week of excellent engagement during #Hispz15





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