The Final 20 of My 20s: Day 11

While most people clock in for their 9 to 5 daily Monday through Friday job, my time card never gets punched in and out.

Many of my days span an easy 12-14 hours between meetings, office visits and events. The day doesn’t end once the car engine shuts off.

Oh no no – there is still administrative work and planning to do; and this is where you’ll usually find me hibernating at a local Dunkin’ Donuts for a dinner date with my computer.

oh yes we are #myDunkin

So on this particular day, I left my house at 7am headed for a local Chamber networking event knowing that I would not be returning home until well after midnight. It’s just one of those days.

Well this “one of those days” was going to be long and busy indeed, but there was a rainbow (literally) at the end of the road….


YES! I was hosting clients of mine at the Katy Perry concert at where else, but none other than my home-away-from-home:
The BB&T Center.


The Prismatic World Tour concert was my first time at the BB&T Center for an event since the ‘unfortunate internal happenings’ about a month ago.

If you aren’t familiar with my take on the new ownership of the Florida Panthers and the happenings at the BB&T Center, kindly take a moment to check it out. I hope you will have more of an appreciation for my opinions doing so.

Click Here To Read my blog post, ‘Epic Fail of the Florida Panthers’ New Ownership’

Enough said on this caption.


So now that most of the account executive staff has been terminated, it was interesting to see different faces that had badges on indicating they were staff. Many looked to be young and fresh into the professional world, since not one of them acknowledged me or my guests – even a fake smile works, kids!

I must say Kudos to Centerplate for being the only consistency in the building – (who thought the day would come when you’d hear that statement as true). And it was so nice to see the few people who were fortunate to make it through last month’s slaughter; the positive feedback and reinforcement I received in person supporting my original blog post was overwhelming – so, thank you for that.

I made it a point to walk around the arena at several different times during the 4+ hours I was there so that my opinions wouldn’t be limited to a specific surrounding or incident. And it’s an entry to endless amount of content for some of the best people-watching out there.

I made sure to have Katy Perry Prism Vision – not limited!

The ushers and security staff are now hired directly through the building and CSC. Many of the long time staff that have been working there in the last five years I’ve consistently attended events are gone – and I’m pretty sure they haven’t been relocated.

Those that have been fortunate enough to be hired again but relocated are mostly disappointed and unhappy. Staff members that spend their shifts in the same spot all night develop relationships with the people in those areas – such as season ticket holders who are a vital part to any sports team.

Fair question – Do any Panther fans out there think there would be a major demonstration if the old dancing usher who you can usually find around the pretty Ice Dancers isn’t hired back in the new season?

Let’s keep an eye on that.

I.M.H.O. – In.My.Honest.Opinion

Besides the unfamiliar faces, I observed three things that are of concern to me:

First, when you are on the suite level, there is no longer any privacy into the administrative conference room as you walk past the glass double doors.

What once was a solid wall and a mirrored image of a Panther’s red eyes is now floor-to-ceiling glass with a clear view so much that I can even tell which brand of electronic equipment is being used on their pull down projector screen (which also faces towards the public reception area and hallway.)  Areas like these should be kept sensitive and out of sight from any outside attendees and even other staff members.

Second, there seemed to be a lack of staff compared to what there has been in previous events. I don’t have physical numbers to confirm this, but staff was surely scarce. When attendees were searching for someone to assist them, it was very difficult to find someone.

Lastly, when you finally did track someone down, their lack of knowledge was discouraging to many guests. I felt sorry for most of the concert-goers whose spirits were immediately drained by an unfriendly staff member who was not only unable to help them, but couldn’t even offer an alternative.

Recruiting employees with a good work ethic and attitude is difficult; however, with proper training, most companies are able to increase their employee satisfaction and retention. Once that is achieved, the guest experience can be maximized.

The better you are able to do your job, the more you may enjoy it – right?


So, yes, the concert was fabulous.

It was one of the best shows I’ve seen in the past 5 years. Katy Perry is not just an amazing artist, but a true performer. 

Cuz I’m a firework – my colors burn when I show you what I’m worth!

But as much as I would have liked to dress up in a pink wig, butterfly bra and metallic blue heels, I had to be the professional host. I was well dressed – and still in the same heels I’d been in since 7am.

In many ways, the night was mine to shine. It was my time to be the rock star making sure every single guest has the best experience possible. And I tend to think I do that pretty darn well.

I spent time with Katy Perry’s biggest littlest fan and now I have a new fan of my own!

Through two opening acts and intermissions, I entertained, chatted, served and did everything in my power to make my guests smile. The duties of a host at a concert or event can vary, but I find it more so of a pleasure than a duty.

I enjoy what I do, and need to do, in order to create an amazing experience. It brings me joy knowing that others are taken care of and enjoying themselves.

Just like my responsibilities with County Line give me fulfillment every time I step foot into an inner city school and provide appreciation and education to our teachers for their health and wellness.

During those four hours at the show, it was my objective to accomplish all of the above and make it a fabulous night with memories to last a lifetime.

And to that, I say….



2014-07-04 01.06.47



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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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